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5 questions to ask yourself before working with a professional coach

Am I ready to do the work?

Hiring a coach can be very meaningful and can help you achieve positive and sustainable results. And the commitment to do the work starts with you. 

If you trust yourself to do what it takes to get where you want to be, you’re ready! If you still have questions, inquire about a discovery session with the coach. Get your questions answered to further determine if coaching is a good fit for you right now.

What do I hope to achieve by hiring a professional coach? 

Reflect on why you want to partner with a coach. Be honest with yourself about your expectations. Clearly communicate your desires and vision with the coach to maximize your experience. Clarifying your priorities and being dedicated to your plan for success will further your opportunity for growth.

Will my coach be available for regular feedback?

Sometimes coaches are available between sessions via text, email or similar messaging platforms.  Ask about this if it is something that is important for you.

Does the coach have a code of ethics?

Many professional coaches openly share their coaching ethics and values which guide their professional coaching practice. 

Does the coach have a coaching agreement or contract?

Coaching agreements and contracts protect the client and the coach. You can expect that professional coaches will offer an agreement at the beginning of the coaching relationship.

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