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Health & Wellness Coaching 

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Recovery Coaching & Groups

Services & Fees

My coaching philosophy is to support organic growth rooted in your values and goals for your life.

Number of sessions will depend on variables such as your reason for participating and readiness for change. 

Health & Wellness Coaching

As your coach, I am here to support you holistically within varying domains of wellness - emotional, spiritual, intellectual, physical, academic/occupational, social. 


Health & wellness coaches partner with clients seeking to enhance their well-being through self-directed, lasting changes, aligned with their values. In the course of their work, health & wellness coaches display an unconditional positive regard for their clients and a belief in their capacity for change, honoring the fact that each client is an expert on their own life, while ensuring that all interactions are respectful and non-judgmental. National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching

Discovery Wellness Consultation | FREE

1:1 Health & Wellness Coaching

$100/1 hour or $350/4 hours

Recovery Coaching and Groups

My recovery coaching and groups honor your story, validate your pain and empower you to find your way to becoming your own hero and finding yourself again. With insightful resources, your courage and connection with others in recovery, healing is possible.


You are not alone. There is hope.  


As your coach, I have an understanding of the roots of addiction, the neuroscience of addiction and recovery, family dynamics and family issues in recovery. I am uniquely certified and experienced in working with partners of addicts; specifically, sex addicts and/or intimacy anorexics and who need support with the impacts of betrayal trauma.  I am here for you in a strengths-based, solution-focused partnership. Individual coaching and groups offer opportunities to find understanding and explore strategies that can help as you navigate your relationship and take steps forward in your healing.

Not sure which group is right for you?  Contact Coach Sarah for more information.

Discovery Wellness Consultation | FREE

SA and IA Partner's Groups 

$25/weekly group call

1:1 Partner Recovery Coaching

$100/1 hour or $350/4 hours

Recovery Groups

These groups are facilitated by Coach Sarah and meet once per week by telephone for 90 minutes. 

Partner Recovery 

Telephone group for partners of sex addicts who are looking for impactful techniques and connection as they work through recovery. This group supports your recovery while you work individually and with other women through healing workbook exercises and with the option of a 12 Step process, specifically designed for partners of sex addicts.

Married & Alone

Telephone group for partners who are looking to heal from the significant effects of being in a relationship with an intimacy anorexic. This group offers unique tools and techniques for healing and rediscovering confidence for a path forward in your recovery through connection with other women, healing workbook exercises and with the option of a 12 Step process, meaningfully designed for partners of intimacy anorexics.

Partner Betrayal Trauma

Telephone group for partners who have been betrayed by their spouse or significant other. Your pain and trauma are real and impact every aspect of your life. This group offers hope and strength through specifically designed exercises with the option of a 12 Step process for your individualized healing.

Additional Partner Groups

Each of these groups is facilitated by Coach Sarah and varies in duration, content and price.


Evergreen Support Group

Telephone support group for partners who have completed a recovery program. It is designed for staying connected with others who are in a similar place in their recovery journey.

Moving Forward

You, by your own choice, or by the choice of your partner are building a life beyond your relationship. This program can be helpful for any woman who is moving on from a broken relationship, and is especially for those whose experience includes sex addiction, betrayal and/or intimacy anorexia. This program is offered as individual sessions and twice per year as a group telephone program.

Next group program begins May 2024

Coming Soon...

Coach Sarah is developing a program for recently engaged and newly married/committed couples.

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